How to Start a Home Based Bookkeeping Business

starting your own bookkeeping business

He has now trained more than 4,000 bookkeepers to handle the finances for busy entrepreneurs and business owners. There is a free intro series that will help you better understand what you will get out of the course. Are you ready to get started with your own bookkeeping business? This is where having the right tools and training can propel you to success and teach you the ins and out of running a profitable bookkeeping business. Starting your own bookkeeping business does require a set of skills beyond what you might think. Bookkeepers are there to not only help entrepreneurs organize their finances but also to navigate the real-world problems of their business.

Maybe you’ll focus on serving a niche like real estate or construction? By positioning yourself as a specialist, you’ll be able to target your marketing and talk specifically to one audience. You don’t need a huge amount of infrastructure to get started. It will protect your financial interests, help minimize disruption to your business, pay your fees if an unhappy client refuses to pay you, and cover the costs of rectifying a mistake. Perhaps small businesses , micro businesses , or sole proprietors. That means you can work with your clients in real time to go over their bookkeeping and highlight any queries with ease. And by using a cloud accounting solution, you’ll be able to access the numbers on any device, wherever you are.

Want More Marketing Tips for How to Start a Bookkeeping Business?

By doing so, you’ll start to get known in those social media circles and you’ll start to get people connecting with you. In the beginning, you should have enough time on your hands to head to several of these a week to get some word of mouth on the streets and to get to know local businesses in the area. To get to know who’s out there, there’s no better way than attending local networking events to collect some business cards.

However, find the UVP that feels right to you now and leverage it in all your marketing. Repetition of your UVP on your website, business cards, and all other marketing materials will help define your company’s identity to potential clients. If you’re organized, like numbers, and enjoy helping people, a career in bookkeeping might be an excellent fit for you. And it doesn’t take a significant investment to get your business off the ground. If you’re just starting a bookkeeping business, it’s likely that you’ll just be working solo, at least for the beginning. Consider starting your search into business entities for bookkeepers by looking into sole proprietors and LLCs.

Can A Bookkeeper Call Themselves An Accountant?

A business credit card can also be a great way to track your business expenses easily. Now that you’ve organized your business, you how to start a bookkeeping business can start setting up operations, like getting the right small business insurance and opening a separate business checking account.

  • If you’re reading this, it means you see the opportunity, and you’ve already asked yourself the important questions every entrepreneur needs to answer.
  • While writing your business plan, you’ll decide what you want to charge based on estimated expenses and how much you want to earn.
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  • It shows that you know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how you will continue to grow in a positive direction over time.
  • Perform a Google search of bookkeeping services in your town or metro area.

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