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How to View and Delete Old iPhone Backups in iCloud

If you’re sure you don’t need the backup anymore, it’s usually safest to delete it. If using My Photo Stream isn’t possible, how can one avoid upgrading iCloud and still keep photos safe. As we mentioned, services like Dropbox, OneDrive, and iCloud are sync services, and sync services are not backups. The next step is to restore your apps. But is iCloud backup really necessary. You can monitor the position of your operations by hitting the Operations option in the upper toolbar. Then click or tap Manage Backups to see all of the backups that are currently saved to your iCloud account. It’ll all get stored into a single file that you can move and store however you like. You should be able to see the contents of that folder if you are logged in as an admin user. Transfer your contacts directly. Open Settings Your Apple ID 2. It’s nothing to be concerned about. If you love AppleInsider and want to support independent publications, please consider a small donation. I apologize for being so dense, but I’m still confused. Once you’re done purging this list, tap on the name of the device you’re currently using. You can save this folder to Dropbox, which we’ll explain below, but avoid changing file or folder names or adding and removing files from the backup. Wait a moment and try again. To delete an iCloud backup from a Mac, open System Preferences and select iCloud. Alternatively, you can try these tips to free up iCloud storage space. You can delete entire conversations and attachments if you want. How does each solution work. Second, if you had any apps or settings saved in the backup, those will also be lost. Choose the iCloud backup that you want to delete and save data from, then click ‘Next’. I would like to know what happens when I delete iCloud backups. You can access your backups from any device or computer. Removing iCloud backup on a Mac computer, on the other hand, doesn’t require the installation of the iCloud app.

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CopyTrans Shelbee will be a great replacement for iTunes. Choose the items you want and hit on ‘Export’ at the end. If you create a Time Machine backup you can use it to recover your Mac if you wipe it due to a problem or if you buy a new one and want to set it up exactly the same. Here’s why you can trust us. Deleting an iCloud backup will get rid of data previously stored to your iCloud, but when you delete an iPhone backup, any data that has been synced to iCloud will not be impacted. Compared: Apple https://manent-backup.com/ Watch Series 8 vs Google Pixel Watch. That’s why I use a sync service Dropbox to get data from my phone to my PC, then I back up my PC with Backblaze. For more information, see the Apple Support article Which types of items can I buy in my country. You have already rated this article, please do not repeat scoring. This is very useful, since both operative systems are not compatible. Tap and hold a file that you want to delete, and choose “Delete”. Your articles have saved my bacon several times, and if I have issues in the future you are the first and last place I go for help. Many folks have reported problems with calendar syncing, contacts disappearing, and music getting messed up by iTunes in the cloud. Follow this passage to know your iCloud backup and if it is OK to delete it. Step 1Run this software and connect iPhone, iPad, iPod to computer. This will remove the Backup of your old iPhone from iCloud and also Turn OFF future iCloud Backups for that device. It depends on the individual app. The method described below will be helpful in both cases. For example, when you backup iPhone photos to computer, you can choose whichever pictures you need.

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Effortlessly Download Online Videos like a PRO. This article really helps the layman. IMore is supported by its audience. Remember that messages with large attachments take up more space than simple text emails. Press Select All and then delete every photo or video in that album, remembering to tap Delete instead of Remove From Album. We definitely recommend taking a look at which iCloud storage plan works best for your needs first, though Apple’s prices are pretty reasonable and competitive with other cloud services. I reset all settings and it still didn’t help. Locked Backup: a backup of a large group of files which are stored in a locked file. Read Also: How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from iPhone 6 Plus >. This is handy if you use more than one Mac, if your Mac stops working, or if you lose or replace your Mac, because you can access all the files that are synced to iCloud. A backup is only a duplicate of information on your iPhone, yes. But only up to 2TB, which will cost you $9. That’s a big upgrade for anyone looking to get the latest version, and all that extra space is sure to be filled up quickly with app data, photos, videos, and more. ” I have no idea what happened and may have to make an appointment to see an Apple specialist. Alternatively, you can try these tips to free up iCloud storage space. Also, iCloud can’t give you some choices to throttle the sync speed. Holding onto your iCloud backups means you get to take your data virtually anywhere, with the ability to access and restore your iPhone or iPad’s data from just about anywhere as well. When that happens, iCloud Backups do not complete, and an iCloud error displays on the Lock screen stating that storage is full. I deleted backup from iCloud – Can I rescue the data. Our support is the best in the business — we’ll do our utmost to get your data back, quickly and safely. You can delete your backups from this menu too. Once you save all the photos you want for safekeeping, open the Files app and verify they are there. To do this, navigate to Settings> Apple ID> iCloud> Manage Storage. Most of us have been in the situation where we had to get a new iOS device, and all our photos, notes, and contacts went poof, never to be seen again. Even if you accidentally deleted backup from iCloud, your precious data still can be in one of your backups in iTunes. A lot of it may be of no use to you in the long run, so deleting it would give you some necessary iCloud storage space back.

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If your iPhone is iOS 11 and above, you have to unlock it and then click Trust on it. Download and install CopyTrans Backup Extractor. Download this iOS recovery software below. To remove iCloud backup on your Windows computer, you will need to install the iCloud app on your PC and login into your iCloud account to access your iCloud backup and execute the operation. Apple promotes iCloud to its customers as a way to securely store information, photos, and other vital data, leading to a false sense of security that your data is safe from harm, when it might not be. What if you don’t want to turn off all of iCloud, but just a few features. Having an iCloud account is essential to running an Apple device, as it controls many functions such as downloading new apps, syncing files, tracking your device, and more. If you want a more permanent cloud backup for your photos, use a different cloud server. For contacts, the process is the same: select Contacts, then click on Next. If you delete your iCloud backup, the data you have backed up to iCloud will be erased. Click ‘Acquire Backup from Device and iCloud’, and then ‘Download iCloud Backup’. You can access your backup at any time on your iPhone. We’ve found that iCloud can be quite temperamental at times and this can adversely effect your synchronization experience. The prices at the time of writing are as follows. It will erase the data you previously backed up to iCloud.

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But even if you have 2TB of iCloud storage, that’s still limited space that you have available, so you may need to do some housekeeping on it every now and then. Select the destination and click “Start”. So if you lost some data unexpectedly, you still have chance to get backup your important files. To check what’s taking up so much space on your iCloud account. 52 followers • 1 videos. If you prefer video to text, here is our YouTube tutorial on how to restore selected data on iPhone. ICloud storage lets you save all your photos, contacts, documents, text messages and much more sucurely and access them from any iOS device under the same Apple ID. ICloud also offers a backup service to users that allow them to save the data stored in iCloud, e. To see if this is the case, go to Settings, tap your name, then tap iCloud Storage > Backups. Are you finding a perfect tool for clearing and erasing data from iPhone or iPad. When you save all your photos on Dropbox, they’re secure in the cloud in original quality, and you can access them from any device that has internet connection. But until then, we need to do some calculations to optimize our iCloud accounts. But, like pictures in the Photos app, if it’s sitting in the trash and was on your iCloud account, then it’s still eating up storage on iCloud for the time being. Lee StantonRead moreDecember 15, 2021. Makesure you have downloaded the latest version here before continuing. When you use iCloud Photos for photo syncing and backup, that 5 GB disappears quickly. WALTR®, Softorino® are registered trademarks of Softorino Limited. For example, Google’s Gmail offers a free 15GB of storage space shared between Gmail, Google Drive, and the larger photos you store in Google Photos. After that, connect your device to the computer using a USB cable. After clicking on the backup, choose ‘Delete,’ then ‘Turn Off and Delete’ to remove the file from iCloud. You can control which Apple services save to iCloud in settings, just untick those you don’t need to disable them.

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Here’s how they compare against the similarly priced iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. Visual Voicemail password requires the SIM card that was in use during backup. Step 1: In the sidebar, pick your gadget. Use iCloud or any other sync service all you want to make your data accessible across devices, just make sure it’s backed up to a true backup service, too. ” You’ll see the amount of space you have available and a breakdown of what’s taking up space in iCloud here, which will help you decide what you need to delete. You can also disable mobile data and background backups as well as monitor your available storage directly from the app’s dashboard. Did you know iCloud backups from previous devices could be taking up a lot of iCloud storage space. TikTok video from Haida Enthusiast @haidapie: “I TURNED OF G EVERYTHING JN ICLOUD AND ITS STULL GOING OFF”. You can then back up these items manually in iTunes. Part 3: Backup Your iPhone to Computer instead of iCloud. The chart includes data for photos, backups, others, and family. Files stored on iCloud Drive can be as large as 50GB, although your storage can get quickly exhausted at that size. I find just having iCloud backup as an option to be well worth the cost, along with plenty of space for my iCloud Photo Library. The good news for Windows PC users is that you don’t need an internet connection, don’t have to pay for iCloud space, or any other shenanigans. Can I back up to that instead of iCloud. If you have any files that you want to keep, drag them off of the “Storage” section and drop them into a trashcan on your desktop or laptop. Give your phone a few moments to figure things out, then look at the top of the screen. All you need to do is sign in to those services using your username and password when prompted.

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An iCloud backup for iPhone or iPad can quickly restore an existing device or set up a new one with the same credentials, files, and apps installed. Tap Manage Storage to reach a page listing every item storing data in your iCloud it also tells you how much data each item uses there. Karantonis : “Reply to @jkayhayy This is how you lower your iCloud storage to do a backup. But remember, your backups will take space. Use Dropbox for Mac and PC backup or individual file backup for selected photos. Lee StantonApril 7, 2022. ITunes Backup is best for you if. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. CassandraSeptember 16, 2022. For contacts, the process is the same: select Contacts, then click on Next. Thirdly, when you delete your iCloud backup, you iCloud storage will be released, but your iPhone storage will not be changed. If you went ahead and fired up your new iPhone or iPad without transferring anything, you’ll have to either erase it and start over, or transfer your content manually—but that’s going to be a lot more work than doing a full transfer. Due to inactivity, your session will end in approximately 2 minutes. Step 1: Open the Mac and choose the Apple menu. If you are unable to restore certain data from the backups, you should not keep them. BRUH I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED MY ICLOUD BACKUP AND I LOST 3 YEARS WORTH OF PICS. Hover over the sections of that bar to see more details. Your iPhone’s digital data is protected by a backup. Note that you can also get increased iCloud storage as part of Apple’s Apple One subscription bundles, and if you use Family Sharing, then your entire family will can share a pool of storage. Advantages of CopyTrans Shelbee. The concise answer to the question is ‘All data backup to your iCloud such as apps data, messages, photos, and other essential data will be permanently deleted from your iCloud. ICloud backup is designed to completely restore iPhone but it would just save the necessary data like iPhone Settings and most local data. I havent tried Dropbox. Step 1: Navigate to Settings on your iPhone, tap > Manage Storage > Backup.

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Let’s start with basic information, and then proceed with some technical data and tips and tricks. Follow the steps below to delete iCloud Backups on Mac. You are not the biggest fan of iTunes;. Backing up your iPhone or iPad is essential because you don’t know what tomorrow may bring. Is there a way to back up your iPhone to your computer instead of using iCloud. 🗣🗣 to all the techs, pls tell me what happens when i press delete from iphone pls i want to save storage. Did you find our step by step guide easy to follow. The sum of all those messages could be even greater if you send a lot of emojis or photos. With EaseUS MobiMover, you can easily backup iPhone SMS to your computer. My Photo Stream uploads your photos to iCloud so they’re automatically downloaded on devices with My Photo Stream turned on. You might be thinking about deleting your backups, but what happens when you delete one. Now that you’ve found where your backups are hidden away, you can copy them to an external drive and delete the ones on your hard drive. You could delete your old iPhone backups by the following steps. In case you have used multiple iOS devices, you will have iCloud Backups for all those devices stored in your iCloud Account. You can also choose to restore any of these backups if something goes wrong with your device. What’s my mobile backup strategy. With more than a decade of experience, he covers Apple and Google and writes on iPhone and Android features, privacy and security settings and more. Here’s when you get that warning, what it means, and how to fix it. Don’t worry, in this tutorial, we’ll show you specific specs on iCloud backup. There are three ways for you to get the job done. Here’s how the two similar sized flagship iPhone models differ. Required fields are marked. But what if you need to make a selective restore of data to iPhone after you found it in a local backup using CopyTrans Backup Extractor. IPad®, iPod®, iPhone®, iTunes® and Mac® are trademarks of Apple Inc. Once you sign in to iCloud, it gives you access to the iCloud Drive. You can even use it to store desktop backups and important files that you wish to transfer between unsupported devices. But is it really safe to delete iCloud. If you have multiple old devices on your iCloud account like I did, feel free to repeat these steps to free up space on your iPhone and iCloud storage account. This is in stark contrast to Android backups, which typically only backup app data and settings. This way, even if Apple’s messaging service goes offline for some reason, your text messages will still be safe.

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Option 2: Remove iCloud Backup on Mac Computer. Com allows you to track your iPhone’s location, as well as send a message to display on the device, lock the phone, and/or remotely wipe your data. It is completely compatible with the latest iOS models and iOS version including iOS 15/14/13. Step 2After detecting your iOS device automatically, choose the erasing level according to your needs. Once you’ve done that, select Summary and then choose This Computer where you see Automatically Backup. Select the Recover from iCloud Backup File module on the home interface and enter your Apple ID and password. If all files need to be restored, you can directly click the “Select All” button below. I’ll also walk you through backing up your iPhone to iCloud to both Mac and Windows, which don’t require cloud storage. Uncheck the apps you don’t want saving data in iCloud in the list you find. Don’t worry, in this tutorial, we’ll show you specific specs on iCloud backup. If you have an iPhone in your hand right now, chances are very high that you have accumulated a ton of sensitive and private data on it. 1, that includes iCloud Photo Library, shared photo albums, My Photo Stream, documents, contacts, calendars, mail, bookmarks, and notes. Under each account, you can see what’s being synced: mail, contacts, calendars and so on.

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In 2019, Apple discontinued iTunes in its products, so it can no longer be used as a way to back up your phone on a Mac unless you’re running macOS Mojave or earlier. This may or may not coincide with the removal of the Lightning port from iPhones. Provided you made a backup with CopyTrans Shelbee v2. ⚡ You can move iTunes default backup folder and transfer all previous backups there. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of Cookies, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If you delete iCloud backup, your photos, messages, and other app data will be permanently removed. Maybe your iPhone is damaged and you need to transition to a new one. While there are many backup solutions available for the Mac, including Apple’s built in Time Machine and Intego’s Personal Backup, there are only two options for your iOS devices: iCloud and the Finder.